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Industry experts agree. There is a “best” method for cleaning carpet... and Steamatic is the clear winner! Many major carpet manufacturers recommend the “hot-water soil extraction” to safely clean carpeting. Steamatic gives you these proven advantages:

  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE for all types of carpet fiber and construction, including stain resistant carpets.
  • RESISTS RESOILING because no detergents are used in the STEAMATIC cleaning process to be left in the carpet to attract dirt.
  • EXTRACTS DEEP DOWN, embedded dirt. Soil is extracted deep to the fiber baseónot scrubbed deeper.
  • SANITIZES — Removes 96% of allergy laden particles and bacteria in your carpet.
  • STAIN REMOVAL — Most spots and stains will be removed with the STEAMATIC cleaning process.
  • NO PILE DISTORTION — Harmful scrubbing is eliminated. Controlled heat, emulsified water, and powerful vacuum loosen and remove dirt without mechanical agitation.
  • PATENTED PROCESS — United States government patents protect the uniqueness of the STEAMATIC process. Others may sound like STEAMATIC—but nobody cleans like STEAMATIC!
  • FAST DRYING — Most carpet is dry in five to seven hours.
  • ECONOMICAL — Extends the life of your carpet and reduces cleaning frequency.

Steamatic's cleaning process is also recommended by carpet manufactures as the best way to clean, but is also required by some for the warranty.

From instructions for general terms and conditions of DuPont Xtra Life Carpet Warranty—“to refresh carpet texture, a process commonly known as Hot Water Extraction, performed by a trained, qualified carpet care professional, is required every 18 months. Proof of this service is required.”

Shaw Industries
From Shaw Industries consumer tips on proper carpet care—”Shaw Industries recommended the Hot Water Extraction system, which research indicates provides the best capability for cleaning. This system is commonly referred to as ‘steam cleaning’ although no steam is actually generated.“

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